Countdown to 2014 Haiti trips: how to pray for us

  • Posted on: 15 January 2014
  • By: doug

Haiti can be a difficult place. Walk down the streets of a typical Haitian village and you may encounter many scowling faces, hardened by the daily challenges of poverty and corruption. The lingering effects of the devastating 2010 earthquake, which killed tens, or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people and left more than a million homeless still contribute to the hardships of everyday life in some parts of the country, but Haiti was a difficult place even before the earth shook. Haiti is the hungriest country in all of the Americas, and the 12th hungriest nation in the world. But there are bright spots--many of them the direct result of Christ-followers in various places throughout the country.

Two LFMC missions teams are preparing for back-to-back trips to Cap Haitien, Haiti, in February. The first team will leave on February 7, returning on February 15, and the second team will leave on February 14, returning on February 22. We will be serving at the Kids Alive compound in Cap Haitien, on the north coast of Haiti, about thirty miles west of the border with the Domincan Republic. We expect to be working on another group home for children in the compound. 

As our teams prepare to travel, your prayers are much appreciated. Please pray that we will be flexible and adaptable--there are always things that can go wrong with international travel, and logistics in third-world countries are sometimes quite variable. Please pray for the safety and health of our teams, and that we would be servant-hearted at all times. Sometimes the work can be strenuous, so we appreciate your prayers for strength and stamina. Sometimes the weather can be difficult, so please pray that we will be willing to cooperate with and adapt to whatever the Lord has in store for us. Please pray that our lives would be overflowing with the love of Christ. And please pray for the children, house parents, and missionary staff at the Kids Alive compound.

We will attempt to maintain this blog while we are in Haiti (with the help of others back in the states), so please check in periodically before and during our trips. If we're able to, we will send updates and photographs. If you take time to read our updates here, please take a moment to pray, as well.eOn behalf of the Haiti teams, thank you to all who have given financially to make these trips possible, and to those who have supported us in other ways (such as purchasing items at one of our craft fairs). And thank you to all who have been praying and will pray while we are there.

Stay tuned!

(Submitted by Doug Heacock, for the teams)