Monday Jan 30 Update

  • Posted on: 30 January 2017
  • By: bengel

We were up early today so we could have our breakfast and our team devotions and still make it to the Kids Alive compound in time for their weekly flag raising ceremony. The school kids line up, raise the flag of Haiti, recite the Scripture verse for the week, and sing. Our team was then introduced to the kids, many of whom know some of our names from previous trips.

We saw many familiar faces of children some of us have met before, some of whom we sponsor. We can't begin to describe what it is like when a Haitian child runs to you, gives you a big smile and a big hug, and holds your hand for as long as possible. Here at the Kids Alive children's village, the kids have learned that the white people who come to visit them each year love them...and they return the love.

After the opening exercises, we went straight to the work site. The cool morning air was pleasant, but the sun quickly heated us up as we jumped right into laying block on the second floor perimeter walls. We estimate that we laid nearly 2,000 concrete blocks today - five courses on three walls. Tomorrow the Haitian crew will pour concrete bond beams along the top of what we've laid, and while that work goes on, we'll lay the block for the partition walls that define the classroom spaces.

We're back at the team house, exhausted, getting in line for our (cold) showers, a nice meal prepared by the school cooks, and an evening of relaxation. Tonight we'll be joined at dinner by Erin, the Kids Alive missionary who visited our church last summer. We're looking forward to a fun (and restful) evening here.

Your prayers are so appreciated. I wish I could send photos - they will come later. Thank you for caring with us about Haiti! Thank you for praying!

We hope you are well - we are tired but doing well. Blessings to all back home.

--Doug Heacock, on behalf of the team