Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 2 (Sunday, 10/19)

  • Posted on: 19 October 2014
  • By: doug

Today we had yet another early morning call as we all got ready for our last flight to Haiti. As soon as we got on the flight we were already being exposed to the people and culture of Haiti as many of us sat by a Haitian citizen. Our excitement grew with each minute that ticked by on the plane ride.

When we finally arrived at Cap Haitian we were happy we had had another safe flight and we were ready to get moving and see the city. But, not every trip goes off without a hitch. Our hitch came during customs when we were randomly selected to have all of our bags checked.

Doctor Joe of course brought many drugs to benefit the Haitian people but some of the drugs were not up to the standards of the airport security. So, we sat down and waited as each bag was searched and another problem was found with the contents of the bags. Long story short, the airport security was going to charge money to bring all of our luggage into the country. That is when all of your prayers paid off! Jon, one of our supervisors got the chance to sit down and talk to the security and we were able to leave.

We stopped by our host home, which from what I have been told is much nicer than previous homes, and changed into clothes for church. We were then whisked away to tour of the Kids Alive village and the surrounding area. We were told that many of the homes that we were seeing could be rented for an entire year for only forty US dollars. Which a lot of the homes were smaller than most children’s rooms in America but housed an entire family. Many team members got the chance to visit the children that they sponsor bringing joy not only to our hearts but to the kids and their families. In no time at all it was time for church.

The church we attended, whose pastor is sleeping on the floor above us, is much larger than Lawrence Free Methodist Church. Not in square footage but in congregation. About three thousand members poured into the church eager to listen to the message for the night. It was a truly inspiring experience seeing people who have so little give so much in service. Heads were thrown back and voices belted out lyrics unknown to us but everyone could feel the passion and the love in every note. The church services was such a blessing from God and something that we be held in our memories for many years to come.

Tomorrow is our first day at work in the Kids Alive village. We will have three groups that will be working in all different aspects of the village. Doctor Joe and his nurses will be holding a medical clinic while the rest of the group will be split between making a sidewalk connecting the homes and working in the school. We, again, want to thank everyone back home for your prayers and want you to know that they are being answered everyday.