Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 4 (Tuesday, 10/21)

  • Posted on: 21 October 2014
  • By: doug

This morning we awoke early, yes another early morning, but this time to the smell of pancakes and eggs prepared by Pastor Bill and Darren. Of course this got the entire team up and ready for the day. Some of us were sore and some of us refused to accept the fact that they were sore hoping that if they kept denying it, it would somehow become true. None the less we all set out for our second day of work.

When we got to the work site many of us went straight to work after greeting many of the village workers. Camden and Caroline had many sponsorship duties to take on and two classes to help in. Pastor Bill, Darren, Nigile, Lynn and Ken had a sidewalk to map out and a patio to make. And of course Dr. Joe and Missy set up their clinic and continued to better the health of the village kids.

Half way through the day Dr. Joe and Missy ran out of their antibiotics and had to make a trip the town “pharmacy.” According to Dr. Joe that term is used very lightly. All in all what is usually only a short trip turned into a half day trip because of the hectic downtown Cap Haitien traffic. Eventually they gathered all of the material they needed and came back to continue with their clinic.

Everyone’s day went smoothly as the construction team finished both of their task, the sponsorship team made a dent in the number of tasks they had at hand and Dr. Joe and Missy had a very successful day operating on a child’s hand. It was time to head home and get some rest!

The highlight of many of the team member’s day was being able to meet their sponsor child or children and give them their gifts. All together we met all seven of the groups sponsored children. Being able to see the smiles on their faces as they opened their gifts was something that will probably never fade from our memories.

When we sat down for dinner we were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to one of the Kids Alive workers, Mono, who is everywhere all at once. He shared his testimony with the group and had a truly amazing story of helping Kids Alive get off the ground here in Haiti.

Today was truly a blessing from God and a day that I think everyone in the team benefitted from in more than one way. We all want to send our sincere gratitude to everyone back home for all of the prayers and pleasant thoughts sent our way! We are all rested and ready to go tomorrow and can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the week! 



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