Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 7 (Friday, 10/24)

  • Posted on: 24 October 2014
  • By: doug

Well, this is it. The team is packing their bags with what is left of their clothes and preparing for a long day of travel tomorrow. Today was our last day and I would have to say it was a pretty spectacular last day.

The group headed out this morning, their sights set on a day at the beach. We meandered all the way up and down the mountain along small, narrow roads until we reached the beach. It was very strange for most of us going from a city of such poverty into a very nice beach resort. We felt out of place and foreign but that wasn’t going to stop this gung-ho group of missionaries from having some fun!

Our morning consisted of every possible beach activity. We swam, we played sand volleyball, we even went snorkeling. Jon and Mano, two of the men from Kids Alive that have been with us throughout the week, had never seen the beauty of their countries reefs before and it was quite the honor to introduce them to such a beautiful sight. We had some lunch while overlooking the ocean, one of God’s wonderful creations. After our stomachs were full and a few more sea shells and rocks were gathered, we headed out for our last night at the village.

We made it just in time for the Friday night chapel service at the Kids Alive compound. There was a time that was open for our group to share a piece of our faith with the Kids Alive community. Dr. Joe and Pastor Bill were courageous enough to get up and share with the people and become vulnerable in front of the Lord. It was a very moving moment to see members of our own group open up and share personal stories from their own lives and thank the people around us. The rest of the group, as you can imagine, was very proud.    When the service ended the kids in the village brought out all of their crafts and their artwork for us to buy. This is where a majority of our money was spent. The kids artwork was magnificently beautiful and their smiles were even more beautiful. We all dished out our money to buy a piece of art from the kids that we had had the pleasure to meet and share many memories with throughout the week. After that we said our goodbyes and headed to dinner and then back to the house.

As we got home the team was joined by Jon, Mano, and Robinson for a debriefing session. The debriefing session from a missions trip is something that is very intimate and very emotional and this debriefing fulfilled just that. Tears were shed and experiences were had and everyone walked away feeling closer than we had all week.

As the saying goes, all good things come to end and we have, unfortunately, met ours. We will finish packing our bags and hit the sack for one last time before we head home. But, of course we are true Kansans and won’t go to bed before we see at least a couple innings of the Royals game. So change that order. Pack, Royals, more Royals, and then bed. We have our last early morning call this week tomorrow morning and pray for safe travels throughout the day. We want to take the time to thank everyone once again for all of their prayers. We could not have come and shown God’s love without the prayers and blessings that you have been sending our way. Thank you again, and the countdown till air conditioning has begun! 



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