Progress in Haiti, upcoming trips

  • Posted on: 18 August 2015
  • By: doug

The fifth house is finished! Missions teams from LFMC began work on the fifth house at the Kids Alive Children's Village in Cap Haïtien in the winter of 2013, laying out the foundation, doing the basic plumbing and electrical work, and then erecting the basic structure. Financial constraints prevented the completion of the house for a year, but when our teams returned in January 2014, the work to finish the house had begun. A special offering last winter allowed Kids Alive to complete the house, and it is already in use!

Four more weeks of Haiti missions trips are scheduled so far for 2015-2016--the first of these will take place in December 2015; next there will be two back-to-back weeks in January and February 2016, and finally a week in May 2016, especially for those who are high school or college students and who can't participate in the earlier trips because of school. Watch the LFMC Update and the Web site for details about those trips, and be sure to let us know very soon if you plan to be involved in any of those trips.