Senior Pastor Search Process

Nearly eighteen months ago, the Focus Team (a sub-committee of the Ministry Board) began conversations with Senior Pastor Bill Bump regarding his retirement and a transition to a new senior pastor. Pastor Bill began his ministry with Youth for Christ in 1969, and began his ministry with the Free Methodist denomination in 1974. Pastor Bill has completed forty-eight years in ministry, and has served the Lawrence Free Methodist Church as Senior Pastor since May of 2002. Our church body so much appreciates his service to building God’s kingdom at Lawrence Free Methodist Church.

In November 2016, Pastor Bill announced his desire to retire from active ministry. There has been no official date as to when that retirement will be effective. Pastor Bill has graciously agreed to stay on until such time as a qualified candidate can be vetted and appointed by the denomination.

The Focus Team is comprised of Sherry Schaub, Dan Flynn, and Ken Wagner. Under Sherry Schaub’s leadership, a detailed process for the selection of a new Senior Pastor was created and presented to conference superintendent Chuck Frankenfeld and Bishop David Kendall. The Focus Team has met with both Superintendent Frankenfeld and Bishop Kendall. The denomination is working closely with our team on the selection process.

Several months ago a formal Search Committee was put together at Lawrence Free Methodist Church for the purpose of screening candidates for the position of Senior Pastor. Members of the committee are:

  • Shari Flakus
  • Dan Flynn
  • Terry Jacobsen
  • Sherry Schaub
  • Ken Wagner
  • Mary Yoder

This group is working diligently to insure that we follow the approved search process in order to recommend the very best possible candidate to the denomination.

For the past several months committee members have been reaching out to contacts in our community and around the country identifying candidates who wish to be considered. We have been in contact with numerous candidates to gauge their interest in this position. We continue to consider numerous resumes. Some of the resumes have led to initial “exploratory” interviews. Some of those initial interviews have led to further conversations and meetings with potential candidates.

We trust that everyone appreciates the confidential nature of this process. Our goal is to recommend the very best possible candidate. Please know that we are constantly praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit. We trust that the candidate will become obvious as we continue in this process. We appreciate your prayers as we move forward.