Tuesday Feb 1 Update

  • Posted on: 2 February 2017
  • By: bengel

Wow -- the week is already half over and the work week is 3/4 over! Times flies when you're laying block!

Wednesday's work day began with a very difficult task -- unloading a truckload of block. A truck filled with block was backed up to the front of the building and the Haitians put each block on the floor of the second story. Our team formed a line and handed the blocks one-by-one down the line, placing a couple hundred in each room where they would be used. Needless to say, they burned quite a few calories within the first hours of work.

After the truck was unloaded, the construction crew worked on building partition walls between classrooms. These walls go up eight courses of block beyond the bond beams, which are poured on top of the five courses that the team laid on Monday and Tuesday. Progress was slower on Wednesday since the Haitian crew was split up on a variety of tasks and wasn't able to mix mortar as quickly as the team needed it. Even so, they finished one end wall and made some progress on a couple of the classroom partitions.

The vision screening team is enjoying their week in the shade testing the eye sight of the kids. It's a less physically taxing job, but is every bit as important. The team may not be able to test all the kids this week, but they will get through a significant number of them.

After work, the team headed back to the team house, showered and enjoyed dinner prepared by the team cooks, who make delicious food. John, the Haitian team host, spent the evening with the group. He shared his story of how God pulled him out of darkness and transformed his life. He also talked about child sponsorship.

Robenson, Haiti's Kids Alive director, offered to take the team to the beach Friday morning. He had bench seats put into the new van and would like to treat our team to the maiden voyage, so to speak. On Friday afternoon, the team will return to the school to participate in the weekly Friday afternoon chapter service. On Friday evening, they will be treated to a private concert at the team house from "The Real Boys", a rap group made of KA-Haiti kids.

The group has remained healthy and remains in good spirits in spite of the hard work. They even have a little energy left in the evenings to play some games together, always a fun part of a week in Haiti.

Thank you, again, for praying for the team. They value your prayers greatly.

Carolyn Heacock, on behalf of the team