Week 1 team: Friday, Jan. 30

  • Posted on: 30 January 2015
  • By: doug

Today was a relaxed day of work and a great day to spend time with kids at the Children’s Village.  Larry and Randy cut rebar ties for our team for next week, the women on our team worked more on the sponsorship project for Christmas and Jesús and Richard did some electrical and plumbing repairs in the existing homes while Haitians mixed and poured the concrete pad for the new transitional home.

On Fridays, the school day starts a bit later and the children stay later in the afternoon for their weekly chapel.  Classes last until about noon and then the children have a scholar bowl with classes competing against one another for prizes.  The kids were very excited about this competition and were chanting and cheering loudly for their teams.

Chapel started at 3:00 and included all the preschoolers through high schoolers. Several high schoolers led chapel for all 130 children.  They invited us to participate so Carolyn taught a Bible lesson from Mark 2 about four men who brought their paralytic friend to Jesus to be healed.  The children had a great time acting out the story as she told it.  Richard volunteered to share how he came to know Christ as his Savior and he led the children in a song. At the end of chapel we were introduced to the three boys who will be moving into the transitional home and they expressed their deep gratitude to us for building the home for them.

After chapel, we had an opportunity to buy crafts from the children and from a woman who brought souvenirs to the village.  We said good-bye to the kids and teachers and then came home for dinner and a time of debriefing.  Four members of the team will be flying back to the States in the morning but seven are staying for another week.  They will be joined by six more on Sunday and are looking forward to a sunny week so they can reach their goal of getting all the panels and roof on the new transitional home.

Week highlights that were mentioned during our discussion this evening:

  • Getting to see all the great adults who serve children in Haiti
  • Eating lunch with the families in their homes
  • Seeing the contrast between the kids living in the Kids Alive village and the kids living in the neighborhood
  • Seeing how happy the kids are in spite of their circumstances
  • Having a Haitian be our team host because we got a better glimpse into the culture and lives of those who live here
  • Our group prayer times in the morning
  • Having our team host, John, join us for devotions each morning.  His perspective helped me see Biblical truth in a new light
  • The unity and camaraderie of our team
  • Knowing that in spite of the rain setbacks, we should be able to reach our construction goal
  • Spending so much time with the kids
  • Having my spiritual tank refilled

Again, we want to thank you for praying for us.  We are confident that God has been with us.  Please pray for those traveling home and to Haiti this weekend and for a productive workweek next week.  We appreciate you!

(Posted by Doug Heacock on behalf of the week 1 team)

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Row 1, L-R: Boys waiting to compete in the Scholar Bowl; Stephanie and Kenna working on craft projects; Jesus working on craft projects; Larry cutting wire ties for next week's construction.
Row 2, L-R: Randy cutting wire ties; Richard giving his testimony; the Scholar Bowl; kids acting out the Bible story.
Row 3, L-R: The week 1 team; transitional home boys.