Week 2 team, Thursday, February 5

  • Posted on: 5 February 2015
  • By: dheacock

It is finished! We completed the basic construction of the transitional house this afternoon, after a particularly hot and humid workday that included one team member not feeling well and another losing a fair amount of blood in an unfortunate encounter with a sharp bit of wire. But the illness and injury were short-lived, apparently, and we are celebrating the completion of our mission for these two weeks. (Photo at right includes two of the three boys who will move into this house this summer.)

We had begun setting roof panels in place yesterday afternoon, and we were able to set all but four of them before lunch. By 3:15, we were done.  It still needs a lot of work—the final concrete finishing, the flooring, the electrical and plumbing fixtures, and so on. But although it is made of Styrofoam and wire mesh, it looks very much like a small house.

Not long before we were done for the day, Larry accidentally poked a hole in a vein in the back of his hand, resulting in quite a lot of bleeding and eventually a hematoma, but eventually Kim got him patched up with no further problems.

There were other very cool things today—we got to see some of the older boys wearing their new soccer uniforms, which we brought with us for them; we photographed the transitional house with the week 2 team and with two boys who will be moving into that house this summer, as they continue with their independence program at the Kids Alive school.

We also got to see the beginning of the process of finishing the fifth house, which our teams worked on last year. Our church raised money to complete the work on the fifth house, and this afternoon, a Haitian crew began spraying on the concrete/fiberglass mixture that will make the final finished surface. The work on the fifth house and the transitional house is expected to be completed by May.

Tonight we had dinner with Robenson Gedeus, the Kids Alive Field Director for Haiti, and he shared a bit about Kids Alive in Haiti and some of the challenges and opportunities that he faces every day here. He is a quiet, soft-spoken man, but an effective leader with a heart of compassion.

We are tired and a bit worn out. Some of us have been here for two weeks. Tomorrow we will be taken to the beach to spend the morning resting. In the afternoon we will head back to the Kids Alive compound for the weekly chapel, where kids will lead the service. It will be our last visit to the compound before we leave for America on Saturday morning.

We are so grateful to have been here. We are so humbled to serve these beautiful children and the staff who teach them and care for them, and the house parents who love them and raise them. We are grateful also for your prayers—we know the Lord has heard you, and we know that there are probably many ways he has protected us of which we are not aware. Thank you for your love and care.

We are to leave early on Saturday morning, and return home in the early evening—if all goes according to plan. Please pray that it does.

Thanks again for your continued prayers as we finish up the week and make our way home again.

Doug Heacock, for the team

(Click on thumbnails below for larger images.)

Row 1, L-R: boys in their new soccer uniforms; the partially-finished transitional home; Larry being cared for after he poked a hole in his hand.
Row 2, L-R: Larry, Kenna, and Tasha, setting a roof panel into place; Stephanie, Rick, and Vernon, hoisting one of the last roof panels into position; work being done on completing the fifth house, which LFMC teams worked on a year ago.