Week 2 team, Tuesday, February 3

  • Posted on: 3 February 2015
  • By: dheacock

Larry and Rick fixed us pancakes this morning for breakfast (awesome), and after devotions and prayer we loaded up in the tap-tap and made our way to the Kids Alive compound. Today we continued to make progress on the construction of the transitional home, and we are hopeful that by tomorrow we will be putting up roof panels. We’ve been blessed with clear weather—a welcome change from last week’s rain (even though it’s really hot), and this has allowed us to accomplish much.

At lunch, half of the team went two by two to the homes of some of the children who live on the Kids Alive campus (or in rented homes in Cap Haitien).  Each of the houses we have built there is home to a mom and dad and up to 12 children (sometimes one or two more). Some of the house parents have biological children who also live with them. A few of the houses are rented—we are helping to build homes on the compound so that those families can move in soon.

There are also smaller transitional homes for kids in the independence program—three or four older kids move into these homes for a while in order to learn how to live on their own. This is the sort of house we are building right now.

Our Haitian hosts were gracious and generous, and we enjoyed the experience of being in their homes. The children in the home Vernon and I visited were uncharacteristically reserved because of the two white visitors at their table, but we all enjoyed the hospitality of the families and the new experience of dining in their homes.

The longer-than-usual lunch break was a nice treat in the middle of a hot work day, but we were eager to get back to work after lunch. After buttoning up the work site and carrying all of the tools back to the tool shed, we loaded up in the tap-tap for the ride home. The vehicle was jammed with about 28 people, not counting the driver, as we dropped off a number of kids and KA staffers on our way.

Back at the team house several of us went up to the roof of the building to enjoy a great view of the city around us and to take in the cooler evening breeze while we waited for our dinner to arrive. Erin (the sole American stationed at the Kids Alive compound here) joined us for dinner and told us her story of how God led her into full-time ministry here in Haiti.

After dinner some of us headed quickly to bed, others of us played “Fast Uno”—and laughed A LOT. We’re tired; some of us are sunburned, we’ve been working hard, and not one of us would trade this for anything else. Thank you for your prayers. Please pray that our good weather will continue long enough for us to complete the work we came to do. Please pray for our health and stamina and for safe travels home on Saturday.

Doug Heacock, for the week 2 team in Haiti

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Left: tired team members catching a bit of rest while waiting for lunch; right: the view from the roof of our team house.