Men's Fraternity

Watch this space for details about the next season of Men's Fraternity, coming Fall 2017!

Men–being involved in a community of men is key for our spiritual development, for making it over the long haul as husbands and fathers – and for living a life that has a lasting impact! Every man needs other men encouraging him on his journey to authentic manhood. Having men who are walking with God around you helps you gain a better perspective on your life. They can help you discover your blind spots and avoid costly mistakes. We all need men in our lives who will be honest with us to help us become better men. Sharing life with a community of men makes the great times feel like a celebration and provides much needed support when life gets rough.

If you are interested in getting connected, MEN'S FRATERNITY is a great on-ramp! We will learn how to leave a legacy of eternal significance, integrity, and a great name!

*Begin to think strategically about the story God wants to develop in and through your life!

Men's Fraternity is open to all men. Please feel welcome to come and check it out! (And please feel free to bring other men along with you!)  For more information contact Pastor Larry or visit