Haiti Teams in Final Preparation

  • Posted on: 6 February 2014
  • By: bengel

Members of the 2014 Haiti missions trip teams met for a final information/organization meeting on January 25. Travel plans for each team were discussed, along with some final details concerning what to bring, the nature of the work we’ll be doing, guidelines for interaction with the children we will meet, the schedule for the week, and other logistical details.  We also packed donated items to take to the Kids Alive compound.

There will be some hard work in store for us, but it is our hope that when all is said and done, we will have poured a concrete foundation, roughed-in the plumbing and electrical work, and constructed the walls and roof of the home we will be building.  The first team is expected to work on the foundation and utilities, and the second team is expected to work on the walls and roof.

But flexibility and adaptability is required in a place like Haiti, where delivery of construction materials can be delayed for a variety of reasons, including the demand by government officials for a hefty bribe at the border with the Dominican Republic (our teams have had to deal with that in the past). We believe your prayer support can help in this. We listed a few things you can pray for in the previous blog post, but here are some additional prayer concerns:

  • That construction materials will be delivered on time.
  • That our hearts will be open to what the Lord wishes to teach us.
  • That we would be able to bless and encourage the Kids Alive staff.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer for our teams and the people we will be serving. We hope to be able to keep you posted during our trips, so please check back often at lfmchurch.org/missions-trip-blog.

Some of you have graciously agreed to pray for individual members of the teams (thank you!), so here are the teams, organized by week:

First week (February 7-15):
Margie Delfelder
Carolyn Heacock
Doug Heacock
Kenna LaRue
Kim Riffel
Rick Riffel
Stephanie Temple
Larry Wedman
Tasha Wertin

Second week (February 14-22):
Bill Bump
Cheryl Flory
Darren Flory
Mike Flory
Jackson Looney
David Pierce
Carol Schaub
Sherry Schaub
Larry Wedman (yep, he’s going both weeks)

We appreciate your support more than we can express!

Doug Heacock, on behalf of the Haiti teams


Photo: the members of the 2014 Haiti teams during their last organizational meeting before leaving for Haiti. Back row, left to right: Kim Riffel, Bill Bump, Larry Wedman, Rick Riffel, Margie Delfelder, Doug Heacock. Front row, left to right: Carol Schaub, Carolyn Heacock, Tasha Wertin, Kenna LaRue. Not pictured: Cheryl Flory, Darren Flory, Mike Flory, Jackson Looney, David Pierce, Sherry Schaub, Stephanie Temple.