Oct 2014 Haiti Trip Update - Day 5 (Wednesday, 10/22)

  • Posted on: 22 October 2014
  • By: doug

Today we awoke to another day in Haitian paradise. The past couple of days had been considered “cool days” to many of the locals but were still blazing hot to us Americans. Today, however, we were going to feel the full fury of the Haitian sun for it was already extremely hot at eight in the morning when we set off for work.

Today was full of experiences for each work group. The construction group, after finishing the sidewalk they started yesterday, had the chance to actually paint the roof. This helped to reduce the heat that was conducted into the house. The sponsorship team finished their largest project and began working on their next project, making sure to stop every once in awhile to play with the kids during their breaks. Dr. Joe and Missy had a few more surgeries to perform and sent back a good report at the end of the day.

Towards the end of the day Camden and Caroline finished work a little early and took the opportunity to really bond with some of the kids in the village. Their afternoon was full of shrieks of laughter and kids yelling “Take a video, take a video!” This was definitely a highlight to their day.

After wrapping up our last full day of work at the village we headed home for some much needed rest. Once we reached home we decided to explore our houses a little further and stumbled upon the door to the roof of our house. Once we got to the top we found the most beautiful view in all of Haiti. We were greeted by lush green palm trees all around and views of both of the major mountains in the area. We could see down into the streets of our surrounding neighborhood and sent greetings to children in the streets below. This was a true reminder of how God can place a scene of immense beauty in the face of such a poverty stricken society.

After taking many photos and a very long look out onto the Haitian landscape we heard the crunching of gravel as our food arrived at the house. All of the women that have so graciously cooked our meals this week came in and we finally got the chance to thank them for all of their hard work and all of their delicious food. Because of them we were getting a taste of Haiti that all of us have appreciated throughout the week. We say a taste of Haiti but as we found out tonight, the cooks have been making everything very bland for us Americans as their normal food is very spicy. This is probably a good thing, for tonight at dinner our conversation was interrupted by a noise so strange that I cannot find any form of onomatopoeia to describe the sound that escaped Ken’s mouth. As it turns out he had dumped a little too much hot sauce on his meatballs and was quickly drenched in sweat and cursed with a runny nose for the remainder of dinner.

Today, as I said, was yet another day in this foreign paradise. We gained many valuable life lessons throughout the day from many different aspects of Haiti. The children taught us how to have fun, the landscape taught us how beautiful God’s creations can be, and Ken’s hot sauce disaster taught us we are all human and that it is always okay to laugh at yourself. I am sure we will all be turning in early tonight and are actively looking forward to the rest of our week and learning even more from this experience that God has graced our lives with. Thank you all for your prayers and we hope you are all having a blessed week back home!



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