Week 2 Team, Sunday, February 1

  • Posted on: 1 February 2015
  • By: dheacock

The week 2 Haiti team assembled at LFMC on Saturday morning and headed for the airport. This week’s team consists of Rick and Kim, Doug, Margie, Anita, and Vernon, plus Stephanie, Tasha, Kenna, Randy, Larry, and McKenna, who were also part of the week 1 team. Our itinerary took us from KC to Dallas, then from Dallas to Miami, where we spent the night; then we caught a flight from Miami to Cap Haitien on Sunday morning. All flights went without a hitch.

The same can’t be said for three of the four people from the week 1 team who were supposed to head home on Saturday—first the airline rescheduled the flight out of Haiti, meaning they would miss their connecting flight in Fort Lauderdale, and then storms in Cap Haitien delayed the flight until finally the flight was cancelled completely. They did manage to make it out of Haiti on Sunday, with a flight to Miami, a cab ride to Fort Lauderdale, a standby flight to Nashville, and a standby flight to Kansas City.

One pleasant upshot of the mixed-up flights was that Doug and Carolyn were able to spend a few minutes together at the airport in Haiti today.

We made our way to the team house where we dropped off our bags, then it was off to lunch at the Kids Alive compound, with some extra stops to visit some of the children’s homes, both outside and inside the compound. We also went out to the construction site to take a look at the concrete pad that the week 1 team worked on last week—it looks great, and we are eager to get started with the work of putting up the walls of a transitional house for older boys who live on the compound. We gathered there on the concrete slab and John (our Haitian team host) prayed for a good week in which God would be glorified.

After a brief afternoon reset at the team house, we loaded up again in the tap-tap and headed for a restaurant for dinner, and (we hoped) the opportunity to watch the SuperBowl. But alas, the restaurant’s satellite connection didn’t work, so we went back to the team house for a brief orientation and to listen to the game radio broadcast on Rick’s phone (there’s an app for that).

Tomorrow the day will begin with breakfast and devotions, and an early trip to the school to watch the kids’ flag-raising ceremony.

Though we couldn’t really take pictures out on the streets, the city was alive tonight with pre-Carnival celebrations, people listening to a soccer match, and the usual chaotic life in this city. Many people in Cap Haitien are still drying out from the torrential rains of last week and the flooding that filled some homes with water and washed garbage down the streets. It is remarkable how people in such dire poverty and with so little infrastructure can still manage to carve out something resembling a normal life.

There are signs of improvement here, though—some roads are improved. There is more of an organized effort to deal with the garbage. It seems like there may be more functioning street lights than last time. And at the KA compound, there is hope and progress and positive movement in the lives of people who would otherwise have very little of any of that.

We are glad to be here. We can’t wait to get started with the work that lies ahead of us. We thank you for praying for us. We need your prayers. Haiti needs your prayers, too.

Doug Heacock, for the week 2 team

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Left: Brian with the tarantula that was guarding our worksite; remaining photos: the team gathered to inspect the concrete pad that was finished last week, and to pray for the work week ahead.