Week 2 team: Friday, February 6

  • Posted on: 9 February 2015
  • By: doug

With our work on the transitional home complete, and given that many members of the week 2 team had also served on the week 1 team, we were glad to get a morning away at the beach on the north coast of Haiti on Friday. The weather was perfect, partly cloudy with a gentle breeze coming in from the sea; those who wanted sun had plenty of it, those who wanted shade had plenty of that, as well. Some swam, some read, and we generally relaxed and rested, and talked, and laughed and reflected on our time together. (Photo at right: riding in the tap-tap through Cap Haitien, headed for our beach outing.)

The beach resort we visited was a nice place, in stark contrast with the part of Cap Haitien we drove through each day on our tap-tap ride from the team house to the children's village and back. While we were enjoying the beach together, two of our team members, Anita and McKenna, asked if they could be baptized, so we had a joyful baptism ceremony there at the edge of the water as the waves splashed at our feet and legs! 

After a nice lunch, we rode the tap-tap back to the team house, freshened up a bit, and headed over to the children's village for their weekly Friday afternoon chapel service, led by the children themselves. They sang songs, they read Scripture, and our very own Anita shared with the children from the book of James, in the form of a little quiz, with translation assistance provided by John, our team host. The team was brought out to greet the children one more time, we said our goodbyes, and then we mingled a bit with the children and bought some of their craft and artwork items before we loaded up to return one last time to the team house.

After dinner we were joined by the pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Cap Haitien, the church that helped to establish the KA ministry in Cap Haitien. His house served as our team house, and he welcomed us and gave us some history of his relationship with KA and the ongoing ministry of the church, which provides most, of not all, of the house parents for the KA homes. He thanked us for being there and prayed for us.

After dinner some of us started packing and cleaning up things, and a large group of us played cards ("Boots") until eventually we all headed for bed, knowing that we had to be up early to catch our ride to the airport at 6:30 a.m.

It was a good day, with a good end to a good week. Thanks for praying!

Doug Heacock, for the week 2 team

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Row 1, L-R: Beach, looking to the east; beach, looking to the west; McKenna being baptized.
Row 2, L-R: Chapel service at the school; Anita sharing a Bible story with the kids; final moments at the children's village.