More photos from Haiti team

  • Posted on: 11 December 2015
  • By: dheacock

Here are the latest photos from the Haiti team, sent with comments by team member Wayne Kelly (click on thumbnails for full-size images):

Below: A new church being constructed on the property adjacent to the Kids Alive children's village--we noticed that when they are making cylinder blocks at the site, they only have one mold, so that have to make them one block at a time.

Below: Jennifer and Ken Wagner moving dirt on Wednesday.

L to R below:  Erin (KA staffer in Haiti) with children; Joe with children; Missy with children.


L to R below: Joe painting; Darren painting.


L to R below:  Lunch under the tree outside the school; two photos from our community walk.


The team has still not received the missing luggage; the airline has apparently given up and will be providing some compensation to those whose luggage was lost. But the team is in good spirits nonetheless, and everyone seems to be doing well. Your prayers are appreciated, particularly as they travel home tomorrow--some wearing the same clothes they arrived in.

Posted on behalf of the team by Doug Heacock