Wednesday Update - January 27

  • Posted on: 28 January 2016
  • By: bengel

We lost power in the night but John, Manno and Henri from Kids Alive worked on it for an hour and got it back -- otherwise, without our fans, it's tough to sleep in the sweltering heat -- we are grateful for those guys.
Each morning we have team devotions before we head to our work sight. As well as praying for the day and for Haiti, many prayers are being said for loved ones back home. We miss our families but are grateful to get to be here to serve others.
It was bright and sunny and hot all day (and humid) but we drank gallons of water, covered up as much as we could, and laid a lot of block. The Haitian crew will pour the bond beam tonight, andtomorrow (Thursday) we will probably be laying more on the top of the bond beam. Our hope is that by Feb. 6, we've got all of the first floor block laid.
The building is beginning to look like a school -- there are five classrooms on the fist floor plus a long outer hall; there will be the same on the second floor. The nw school will allow them to expand to include grades 7-9.
Haitans are with us all day, mixing mortar for us and doing other stuff like building the bond beam out of rebar. They've laid a little bit of block -- mostly to get the courses started square and straight -- but we've laid most of it ourselves -- usually in 3-4 teams.
I mentioned several days ago that the water is unpredictable in the team house. There is a wonky switch on the pump, but we have had good success resetting it when necessary so we are able to get daily showers. 
Most evenings we have enjoyed playing cards together to relax but tonight we decided to go out to a local restaurant for a relaxing meal. By 8:30 or 9:00 pm, most of us are in bed. The work is exhausting but very rewarding. We are all in good spirits and having a great time doing the work and enjoying one another's company.

--Doug Heacock via text