Week 2 Friday Update - February 5

  • Posted on: 5 February 2016
  • By: bengel

Tomorrow, Saturday, the second team will return from Haiti. The goal for the two teams was to lay brick for the first floor of the new school by the end of the second week (today). They finished not only the first floor of the school, but poured and laid even more than they expected to and were still finished by Wednesday morning! The Haitian foreman found other projects for them: painting the roof on the boys’ transition house and helping the Haitian team get ready for the next phase of the school project.

The two teams have been blessed with the use of the transitional house, which was worked on by LFMC teams last year. It provided shade in the hot sun, an on-site bathroom, and a place to lock up their materials. Next week, it will become even more of a blessing as the boys move into it!

Yesterday, the team was able to spend some time with the first North American Kids Alive missionaries to Haiti. Since finishing their projects around 1:00 on Thursday, they have also been able to hear testimonies, learn about child sponsorship, and spend time bonding with the kids.

Tonight, there will be a big event at the church to celebrate Kids Alive’s 100th anniversary. The kids will get up in front of hundreds – the church is a church of thousands – of people to speak and perform in celebration.

As the team prepares to head home tomorrow, on behalf of them, THANK YOU for praying! The two weeks have gone so smoothly, and even with hot sun, in general, their health could be categorized as hot, sweaty, and healthy. Pretty amazing! Thank you!

(Keep watch here, as there may be a wrap-up post coming from the team.)