Tuesday Jan 31 Update

  • Posted on: 1 February 2017
  • By: bengel

Today was a busy day for the team. One of the biggest challenges is the heat. Even though the high temperature is around 80 degrees, the humidity is near 90% and the team is working in the full sun so it feels very much like 100 degrees. Yesterday it was difficult to stay hydrated even though the group was drinking water throughout the day. Today, the pace was a bit slower on the construction site so those who aren't quite as young were able to contribute and survive. :)

This morning Doug texted, "We're laying block on the partition walls today, while the Haitian crew gets ready to pour bond beams." Eight hours later he sent this update: "We finished five courses of block on every wall. A few of the bond beams have been poured, so tomorrow (Wednesday) we should have a full day of laying block as we add 7 more courses on top of the bond beams." As the walls get higher, the work gets harder because the blocks have to be lifted up. However, a small perk is that there's the possibility of a little shade. Keep praying for stamina for the team as they continue to build the walls of the school.

Three women on the team are doing vision screening for the children. Yesterday they were able to screen 40 kids, and today they screened more. 

Another highlight of the day was that the team members who sponsor children were able to meet with their children and present them with gifts. This is always a highlight of the week. 

This evening the Kids Alive Haiti director, Robenson Gedeus, and his wife, Christina joined the team for dinner in the team house. Christina made them a delicious dinner of seasoned rice with peas, papaya, fresh tomatoes, fresh pineapple and seasoned goat. The team enjoyed talking with them and learning more about their lives in Haiti.

On the community walk on Sunday, the team met the grandmother of a Kids Alive student named Kirby. She was about to lose her meager farm plot because she didn't have $50 for a five-year lease. God had provided for her before our team ever left Lawrence. A previous team member from Alaska had sent our team $50 and asked them to "bless someone in Haiti" with it, so the team decided to give it to Robenson to give to Kirby's grandmother so she could keep her farm plot for five more years. 

Thank you for your prayers for the team and the kids and adults in Haiti.

Carolyn Heacock, on behalf of the team