2013 Tri-Con

"...a great door for effective work has been opened..." (1 Corinthians 16:9)

The Tri-Con is a combined meeting of three annual conferences of the Free Methodist Church: Great Plains, Mid-America, and Gateway. We will come together to do the business of our annual conferences, while "connecting, celebrating, and commissioning" for Kingdom-building work. The Tri-Con will take place on the campus of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri. Pastors, delegates, superintendants, all three of our Bishops, missionaries from five continents, our area FM college presidents, and representatives of
various ministries will be in attendance. Additionally, leaders from other conferences are planning to come to encourage and support our effort.

We will participate in dynamic worship services, inspirational preaching, stimulating “break out” tracks, and an ordination service at which all of our candidates will be commissioned for ministry together. This, along with opportunities for exchange of ideas and fellowship with those outside our regular borders, will provide the environment for “connecting, celebrating and commissioning” that we desire to achieve.

An additional goal is to foster young leaders in the conferences. This will be facilitated through a leadership summit for youth that takes place in the days preceding Tri-Con. The summit will be open to twelve teen delegates from each conference. They will engage in 2 ½ days of training in preparation for participation in the activities of Tri-Con, including Annual Conference.

The usual Annual Conference proceedings have been compressed into an afternoon time slot. In order to do this, we will have to be extremely efficient. Our business will be done ahead of time, as much as possible. The Annual Conference Report Book (ACRB) containing the reports and recommendations from the teams will need to be read ahead of time so that any clarifications or questions can be handled through email or by phone before Tri-Con. Thus we will be prepared to approve reports and recommendations at the actual event. Reports from missionaries and organizations will be delivered during the combined sessions.

We look forward to meeting together in Missouri!

Questions? Contact Lori Kaufmann, 620-241-0612, or via email.