Worship Arts

Worship is a lifestyle. We worship God in our work, in our interactions with other people, in our care for his creation, in our attitudes, and even with our bodies. But perhaps the most visible aspect of worship in the church is the worship service, and the various elements of the service that work together to help people sense the nearness of God, enter into his presence, and express their love for him, in words, in prayer, in posture, in sacraments (e.g., communion), in songs of adoration and praise, and in many other creative ways.

God is the ultimate creator, and we, made in his image, bear the characteristic of his creativity, as well. The worship arts encompass all sorts of creative expressions of adoration and praise, including music, visual media, lighting, liturgy, spoken words and poetry, the reading of Scripture, dance, and more. Our worship and media teams at LFMC are committed to creating worship environments that encourage people to focus their attention on God, to listen for his voice, and to speak and sing back to him words of blessing and praise and love.

Our worship arts teams at LFMC are the Praise Band (our contemporary worship band), the adult choir, special ensembles (such as our mixed quartet), our children's worship team (KREW, Kids Raising Exciting Worship), our media team (who work with sound, video, lighting, and other elements of media), and other artists and musicians who contribute time and talent to various aspects of our worship services and events. Doug Heacock leads the contemporary worship and media teams and coordinates the contemporary worship service; Vanessa Thomas leads the choir and coordinates the tradtional worship service. Parents lead the children's worship team, KREW, working with Pastor Allie Klopenstein. These teams often collaborate for special services at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Serving in the Praise Band

The Praise Band is a group of skilled volunteer musicians including drummers, guitarists, bassists, violinists, percussionists, pianists and synth players, vocalists, and others. The Praise Band serves in the 10:35 a.m. contemporary service on Sundays. There is an audition process--contact Doug Heacock for more information.

Serving in the adult choir

The adult choir serves in the traditional service at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays. There are also needs for solo vocalists and ensembles from time to time. Contact Vanessa Thomas for more information. 

Serving on the media teams

There are five main media teams that utilize volunteers: 

Sound team members work with the worship teams, setting up microphones, mixing audio for live services, and configuring and maintaining the audio equipment in our worship venues. Sound team members are also often involved in providing sound reinforcement and other support for special programs and services.

Video projection team members operate video projection systems in our worship venues. These systems include video projectors or large-screen TV displays, computers and worship presentation software. Some team members are involved in the preparation of the projected media, which includes song lyrics and backgrounds, video content, sermon notes and announcement slides, and other specialized content.

Video production team members include videographers and editors, who work on small video productions for the church, such as event promo videos, video interviews, and video documentation of church events. Video production volunteers are skilled in the use of video cameras, portable lighting systems, and video editing software.

Recording ministry volunteers are responsible for audio recordings of the Sunday sermons, for posting on the church Web site, or for duplication and distribution on CD or cassette tape when requested by attenders. These volunteers use audio recording software and other computer applications and equipment for production and duplication of audio CDs.

Digital photography team members document church events photographically, and shoot other images that are used in publications, promotions, video productions, and projected presentations. These team members also catalog and organize images for storage.

For information about volunteering for any of the media teams, contact Doug Heacock. You may also want to check out Doug's Worship Blog.